Temporary Power Generation & Distribution

The event marketplace is unique. Through our alliance with Kohler, Stellar knows that perfectly well and offers a complete range of emission-compliant mobile generator sets, 20kW to 2000kW, sized to meet the power challenges surrounding your events.

Whether you need a single generator or an intricate power web for your event, you’re assured the right power product for the job, and professional personnel who will keep things running smoothly. Kohler generators — small, medium and large — supply constant, reliable power and can be customized for different applications.

The generators are quiet, clean and easy to maneuver on location. Color-coded plug-and-play connections make hook-up foolproof. Rugged, weatherproof sound-deadened housings withstand wear and tear and ensure a comfortable working environment and ensure your photo booths are always up and running.

Power is one thing. Distributing it conveniently and efficiently is another. Which is why Stellar teamed up with Kohler, who designed a complete product line that makes power distribution a simple plug-and-play operation. Incredibly compact, unobtrusive and lightweight, they’re easy to carry, virtually foolproof to connect, and breakered right on the box. With rugged rubberized housings, they can take the abuse of any application.

Intuitive design
Color-coding ensures the right cable gets attached to the right part of the generator set, and the right hookup point on an HVAC unit, and so on down the line.

Standard connections, quick breaker resets
Simple descriptions and numeric coding inner light wellness make identification of connection points convenient. Cam-type connections eliminate hardwiring hassles. With easy access to breakers for quick change-outs or resets, these power distribution boxes are designed for uptime.

Rugged housings
Constructed of molded rubber, these boxes stand up to the elements and positively ground all electrical components. Place them anywhere and let them work flawlessly.

Lightweight construction 
All of our distribution boxes can be transported effortlessly with their integral, easy-access handles. With our largest box weighing less than 80 pounds, Kohler distribution boxes are half the weight of the competition and virtually unnoticeable at events.

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