How to Upload Receipts/Bills to QuickBooks Online

Vendors that enable you to buy on credit send a bill together with a due date for payment. By adding the bills when received, QuickBooks Online can help you monitor the due dates to ensure that there is no delay in payment. It also is of great help to know the entire amount of accounts payable which your particular company has to pay.

By adding the receipts in QuickBooks Online, and then paying them very close to the particular due date, you will get good control of the cash flow. Since cash flow is most of the time a major problem for small enterprises, good control over cash flow is the prime benefit of a robust bookkeeping system such as QuickBooks Online.

However, before Uploading your Receipts and Bills to QuickBooks Online, there are some points to note

Points to note before uploading receipts to QuickBooks Online.

  • It is not recommended to upload the receipts with important information or personal data like credit card details, government identifiers, etc.
  • On receipt must be uploaded at one time, not multiple
  • QuickBooks is compatible with PNG, JPEG, GIF, JPG, and PDF.
  • If you are using iPhone or iPad, then the images can be in a particular format.
  • Ensure that the original copies of the expenses are not wasted or thrown away.

How to Upload Receipts to QuickBooks Online?

It is possible to upload the receipts to QuickBooks Online directly and you will not require to attach them to the transaction first. Here are the steps to upload your bills to QuickBooks Online.

  • Navigate to a web browser, then sign into your particular QuickBooks Online account.
  • Now navigate to the option, Banking or Transaction menu, and choose the Receipt tab.
  • Now drag and then drop the receipts to QuickBooks Online directly. You can also choose to upload them.
  • You can email the receipts to QuickBooks also or they will be displayed here too.
  • You can utilize the PDFs or the images or even the information provided in an email.

How to Add a Receipt for Mobile Devices

Here is how you can add a receipt for mobile devices.

  • Open the particular app. Now click the Menu
  • Now press Receipt snap
  • Press the Receipt Camera.
  • Now take an image of the bill
  • Press Use This Photo and then click Done
Note: After the receipt is added in QuickBooks Online, it will be displayed in the tab For Review where you can edit, review, and then match the transactions.

How to Upload Receipts into a Computer from Google Drive?

Here are the steps to upload receipts into a computer from Google Drive:

  • Go to QuickBooks Online. Then sign in.
  • Go to the option, Bookkeeping and then choose Transactions and select Receipts.
  • Select an option Upload from the Computer.

How to Add, Review, or Match Receipts or Bills into QuickBooks Online?

Here are the steps to add, review, or match receipts and bills.

Add, Review, or Match Receipts On an Android System

  • Go to the option for Menu
  • Select Receipt Snap
  • You can find the bills that are missing in the book yet in the particular tab For Review
  • Evaluate the bills that are uploaded.
  • Check the label in the bill amount to determine what steps must be taken.

If there are several records present for one or more transactions, here are the steps to take.

  • Select the bill to check the particular transaction that is similar
  • Select the transaction that you want to match the receipt with

If the bill is not having some details, here are the steps to take

  • Select the bill and then enter the required details.
  • Select the option, Save Receipt
  • Create an expense

If the record is lacking a label, here are the steps to take

  • Select the bill
  • Make an Expense

Add, Review, or Match Receipts On a Web Browser

  • Go to the option for Bookkeeping and then select Transactions.
  • Now select Receipts. You can also select Banking and then select Receipts
  • In the For Review tab, it is possible to evaluate the bills that are uploaded.
  • QuickBooks enables you to find the current transactions in specific books that properly match with the receipts that are uploaded.
  • Take a look at the labels in the Action column to find what steps you need to take next.

If the record is not available, it is still possible to create a new transaction with the help of the steps given below

  • Select Review to add the information missing
  • Select Save and Next
  • Select Create Bill

If multiple records are present, you need to follow the steps given below

  • Select the dropdown near Match. Now select Review
  • Now compare the particular matches and then select the right bill
  • Select the Match in order to link it with the appropriate bill.

We hope that it is completely clear to you how to upload receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online. We have highlighted the steps and importance regarding the same in this article. All you need to do is make a note of that.

Still, some of you may not be able to understand the steps or may find it confusing. For such users, it is highly recommended you consult a professional like us. You can simply reach our QuickBooks help team of experts at and state your problems for a definitive solution.

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