Finding a search engine marketing company to optimize your website

Finding a search engine marketing company to optimize your

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website can be a confusing experience. There are hundreds of different packages, prices, and guarantees. But regardless of all the different options, only one thing is really important–understanding exactly what you’re getting for your money. Here are some things to consider when shopping around.

There is a difference between being automatically submitted to hundreds or even thousands of websites, and hiring a placement company to do specialized work. More is not better with engines. If a company offers great placement in 40-100 engines, you had better beware. Chances are the top listing won’t be in engines anyone has ever heard about.

Key PhrasesMore key phrases are not necessarily better. Optimizing a site for 40 phrases is not entirely realistic. Find out how many words a company likes to customize a site to include. Also find out the difference between a key word and a key phrase. Many companies will use the terms interchangeably while referring to the set of words a user types in for a search. Others might consider a key word to mean exactly one word, and if users type in a phrase, such as ‘deep discount books,’ that phrase would be considered three words. So ask for specifics, especially when considering online legal marketing options.

Once it’s determined what a phrase consists of, be sure to specify the exact phrase to be optimized. Most companies will do a given phrase in all lowercase and plural, so that spiders won’t label it as case or singular sensitive. But initial caps, all caps, single phrasing, and key phrases in quotes can sometimes be recommended for more specific targeting. Ask if marketing agencies for photo booths like to customize for case sensitive wording, and clarify if those case sensitive phrasings are considered multiple key phrases in the contract’s key-phrase count. There’s nothing wrong with that if it’s what you want. But you might be paying more for those extra words, or might believe you are getting more words in a contract then you really are.


The bottom line is that there are no guarantees. No one can 100% guarantee a top 10 spot on any engine unless one of the chosen key phrases is the company name or web address. Search engine marketing is much like other types of advertising and marketing, it’s a trial and error system. And the search engines are ultimately in control. Not the companies customizing pages. A company can only guarantee that they’ll give you something back if they can’t achieve promised positions.

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