About Inspired Chef

Whether enthusiastic novices or dedicated culinarians, Our broad assortment of classes, products, ingredients and recipes are selected to help our students achieve new culinary heights through wonderful recipes online. Our program is designed to inspire Students to achieve professional results and foster creativity as they explore new cuisines and learn new techniques with help from us. By emphasizing hands-on experiences and individual attention with structured data, we provide a rich learning environment for our Students.

It all began several years ago when a small group of friends, all who shared a passion for great food, began working to create the first consumer oriented national cooking school in the country. After evaluating various cooking schools, gourmet retailers, Internet models and potential partnerships, the group concluded that the most powerful and consumer focused model–one that would best meet the needs of all participants–was to go directly into our targeted consumers’ homes. Commitment to You and Your Customers

  • To serve our Students not as a solicitation, but as a service.
  • To anticipate and stay ahead of the game by offering insights, knowledge and products showcased by trained culinary professionals.
  • To offer solutions that allow our Students to indulge their culinary passions and spend time with friends.
  • ‘To ensure that every interaction delivers the following impressions: culinary inspiration, learning, confidence, professional-quality results and fun!

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